Welcome to Step Rock Amateurs Swimming Club Celebrating our 90th Year 1928-2018.

We hope you are all enjoying the summer and the sunshine! We are looking forward to the Step Rock day trip to Stonehaven on the 12th of August and the Dunedin Challenge at Bathgate weekend of the 25th & 26th August – enjoy and swim well!
If you would like to purchase one of our Step Rock 90th Anniversary “90 Years in the Water” books, email treasurer@steprock.org.uk to arrange payment and collection. A lot of research and hard work went in to this book and it really is worth a read – excellent as a gift for local friends and family too.
We at Step Rock Amateurs Swimming Club are celebrating our 90th Anniversary this year, 2018 – click on our 90th Anniversary tab for details about our planned celebrations!


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