Club Branded Kit

You can collect and order your kit poolside at East Sands on Thursdays from Tara Turner or Sophie Mifsud between 6.30 and 7.15. Alternatively, you can use messenger to message them or mention their name on the private facebook page.

**6/3/19 Some prices have increased  due to supplier price increases**

Kit List:

Swimming caps £4.00

Jammers £15 (old stock £14)

Swimming suits £15.00

Fastskin Goggles Juniors and Adults £38.00 (any remaining old stock will be charged at £30.00)

Personalised Kit (to order):

Hoodies/Zoodies: Kids £15.00   Adult £20.00

Kit holdall  £22.00

Backpacks £20.00

Swimming caps £7.00

Gala t-shirts: Adult £15.00   Kids £12.00

Onesies: Adult £30.00   Kids £26.00

Towels: price on application