Carnegie Graded Meet Sunday 14th October 2018

19 Step Rockers returned to competition at the Carnegie Graded Meet, with every single swimmer either winning a medal or getting at least one PB. Winning “Too Fast” awards were Finch Geary (50m breaststroke and 50m butterfly), Isla Hedley (50m butterfly) and Esmée Thoms (50m breaststroke). Finch had a superb day, achieving 3 further PB swims and a bronze medal in the 100m IM. Esmée took home a silver medal in 50m backstroke, behind Kayla Bain in 1st place in a new PB. Isla’s perseverance with breaststroke was rewarded with two PBs in this stroke.
Another stand-out performer was Kaitlyn Lumsden, who gained 6/6 PBs, with particularly good improvements in freestyle (4 sec PB in 50m and 15 sec PB in 100m).
In one of the swims of the day, Rowan Geary shaved 7 secs off his 100 freestyle time. Racing to gold in the same event was Corey Philip in an excellent new PB of 1:13, Fraser Stewart and Sam Coull 2nd and 3rd respectively, both also in new PBs. Sam gained a podium place in every one of his 6 races – including golds in the 100m butterfly and 50m freestyle. Corey, restricted to just 4 races on the day, achieved the same feat, adding the 100m IM title to his 100m free, and two further medals in 100m butterfly and 100m breaststroke. Fraser’s return to form saw him rewarded with two further PBs, in taking gold in 100 breaststroke and silver in 50m freestyle.
Isla Thoms raced to 1st in the 12/13 girls’ butterfly, whilst a PB in the 100m backstroke earned 2nd. A further silver in 50m freestyle and bronze in the 50m breaststroke added to her tally. Anna Hedley’s swims also bagged her a clutch of medals: gold in the 14 & over 100m backstroke in a new PB, backed up with PBs in 100m freestyle (2nd) and 100m butterfly (2nd), and gaining a bronze in the 200m IM.
Further medals for the team came from Rowan (silver, 50m breaststroke, bronze 50 butterfly); Daniel Wilson (silver, 50m breaststroke, PB; bronze 50m freestyle, PB); Tilly Whittet (silver, 50m breaststroke, PB) and Freya Hedley (bronzes in 50m backstroke and 50m breaststroke). Daniel also achieved notable PBs in 100m freestyle and 100m breaststroke, whilst Tilly’s strengths in breaststroke came to the fore with a 5 sec PB in 100 breaststroke and a 9 sec PB in her 200 IM.
Mark Doherty and Lucy McCallum stepped up to 100m events for the first time. Mark also gained a PB in 50m breaststroke and Lucy two PBs (in 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly). Thea Wright put in a strong 50m breaststroke swim for a PB, and in the biggest improvement of the day, took 20 secs off her old 50m butterfly time! Competition amongst Thea and teammates Rebecca Black and Ellie Wilson in the same heat saw Thea narrowly prevail, pulling Rebecca and Ellie to their best swims of the day in 3 and 4 sec PBs respectively.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the day, especially Stevie on poolside. Nice to finish a bit early for once!!