Our People

We are a club run and coached wholly by volunteers who are:

Head Coaches

Sharon Hedley and Ian Macfarlane

Learn to Swim Session Co-ordinator(s)

Fiona McDonald and Kirsten Geary

Open Water Team Manager

Kirsten Geary

Novice League Team Manager


Fife League Team Manager

Sharon Hedley

Office Bearers

President: Steph Gilbert

Vice President: Jonathan McDougall-Bagnall

Assistant Secretary: Alison Millar

Minutes Secretary: Claire Thoms

Treasurer: Ellis Jaffray

Committee Members

Membership Secretary: Jonathan McDougall-Bagnall

Assistant Membership Secretary: Jonny Seeley

Wellbeing Officer: Kirsty Coull

Trophies Convenor: Claire Doig

Kit Co Ordinator: Gayle Eadie

Technical Officials Co-ordinator: Vacant

Bug Administrator: Amy Niven

Press Officer: Amy Niven

Social Convenor: Gayle Eadie

Website Administrator: Claire Thoms

Facebook Public Page Administrator: Vacant

Email Administrator: Vacant

Ordinary Members: Dawn Pemberton-Hislop and Gordon Torrie

For all general enquiries, please email: enquiries@steprock.org.uk