Novice and Fife Leagues

Novice & Fife Leagues
The Fife Leagues Competition consists of two separate leagues; the Novice and the Fife League which is open to all affiliated Fife region Clubs.

The Novice League has two age groups; 9 years & under and 10 – 12 years. Any swimmers who have taken part in a District/National competition at any time shall not be eligible to swim in the Novice League. Any swimmers who have achieved the novice time flash standard in an event included in The Novice League program will be ineligible to take part in that particular event at any meet following the achievement of that standard.  The Novice league is normally an 08:15 warm-up with approximately a noon finish.

The Fife League has four age groups; 10 years & under, 11/12 years, 13/14 years and 15 years & over. All swimmers in the Fife League must be able to achieve the minimum standard time for each event in which they are entered and be within the upper limit of the time band for each event.

For the Fife Novice Leagues & Fife League a swimmers personal best time must be slower than the ‘flash’ times.

If on the day, the swimmer is faster than the flash time then they will receive a speeding ticket and the team doesn’t receive any points for that swim.  On the results they will usually be shown at the bottom (even though they will have been faster than other swimmers) with their time prefixed by an ‘x’.